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We are Tigertron

Founded in New York City in 2015, Tigertron is focused on the creation of next-level immersive gaming experiences using VR, AR, and MR technologies. We believe games have the power to inspire in ways that no other medium can and are committed to building experiences that can positively impact the world and our players.


We Partner With The Best

Tigertron is a small but ultra talented core team that collaborates with key trusted partners that specialize in the type of experiences we are building. This allows us to scale as needed and leverage best-in-class industry expertise at all times. 

Meet the Team

sam kennedy headshot.JPG

Sam Kennedy

Studio Management
Worked On: Call of Duty, Destiny, Guitar Hero, Skylanders, Jupiter & Mars

james mielke headshot.png

James Mielke

Creative Direction

Worked On: Lumines, Child of Eden, Pixeljunk Monsters, Jupiter & Mars


Job Stauffer

Design & Innovation

Worked On: Supernatural, Audio Trip, Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft

Dark Souls


Jan Neves

3D Design
Worked On: Jupiter & Mars, Unannounced VR Titles 


Luis Naranjo

VFX Design
Worked On: Jupiter & Mars, Unannounced VR Titles 


Joy Mielke

Project Management
Worked On: Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Jupiter & Mars

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