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The Adventure of a Lifetime

Take control of two dolphins, Jupiter and Mars, on an epic quest to bring life back to the oceans. Use your dolphin sonar to solve puzzles, hunt for treasure, meet legendary sea creatures, shut down harmful technology, and bring the bleached underwater world back to life!


A World Submerged

Jupiter & Mars is an underwater adventure set in a future-Earth in which everything science warned us about has come to pass: sea levels have risen from melting ice caps and climate change. As a result, the coastal cities are all but completely submerged. Since man's disappearance, the oceans have begun to reclaim themselves, with coral and nearly extinct creatures returning to their once-thriving levels. But the artifacts of man's presence still remain, and an elite race of whales known as the Elders enlist Jupiter and Mars to help neutralize a global network of machines that are disrupting sea life. Along the way, Jupiter and Mars will perform incredible feats and maybe even survive to tell the tale. 

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