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Postcards from The MIX

The stars came out last night at The MIX event at the top of 1010 Wilshire; a wonderful, jam-packed event for indie developers to show their games off to industry hotshots, media attendees, and friends in gaming. For Jupiter & Mars it was the first hands-on event in North America (the game debuted in Kyoto, Japan last month at BitSummit Volume 6) and the response was phenomenal.

DoubleFine's Greg Rice said something along the lines of "It's f***ing amazing!" while Chris Melissinos—curator of the Smithsonian's The Art Of Video Games exhibit—said "I freaking loved this game. You guys have a complete hit on your hands. Beautiful, fun, and a worthy message. Amazing! (soundtrack was incredible as well!)" That's high praise coming from someone who knows his games like Chris does, and it's greatly appreciated.

We held court with a slew of media, fans who introduced themselves, and industry pros who've been eager to try the game. By the end of the night our feet were sore, our backs were tired, but our spirits were lifted, having received such an enthusiastic response to our game and our company's mission.

Next stop: Games For Change in New York City in two weeks! See you there!

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