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Eurogamer Says Jupiter & Mars is a VR Treat With a Vital Message

The ever-talented London-based writer Christian Donlan has written up a fantastic story on Jupiter & Mars. Donlan recently had a chance to check the game out for himself and speak with Creative Director James Mielke about the story we at Tigertron hope to tell with it.

Donlan wrote of how in Jupiter & Mars your mission is to clean up the mess of the oceans left by humans and how a group of whales called the Elders guide you in shutting down the last remnants of technology disrupting life. He described how it felt to play through his home city of London in the game, eventually encountering a collapsing London Eye.

"It's already a lovely game to watch: Jupiter and Mars are beautifully animated and exude a genuine sense of life and connection to the world and each other. This is something the developers have put a lot of effort into."

"While you can play Jupiter & Mars on a standard PS4 or PS4 Pro, it really finds its voice once you've put on the PSVR headset. It's like climbing into a diving bell, I think: the world suddenly towers around you, collapsed cities loom all about and the trenches you travel through suddenly feel very deep and peaceful. In VR, in some strange, intangible way, you suddenly feel the absence of people in the game much more acutely. You notice who is no longer there."

Check out the full story and his impressions on Eurogamer here!

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