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Jupiter & Mars Walkthrough Strategy Guide

Having trouble making your way through Jupiter & Mars or are you trying to obtain every last trophy in the game? Then this guide might do the trick! The following is a guide through the critical path of Jupiter & Mars. This does not cover locating all treasures, rescues, or other optional tasks that are required for 100% completion or to unlock all trophies (but the Treasure Guide and the Creature Rescues Guide can help you with those specifics).


The Nest

You begin in a tutorial area called ‘The Nest’. As you swim down the path and through the cave, follow the prompts to learn the main controls of the game. Note that the path hooks around to the left when you reach the oyster shell in the cave

You can push the jellyfish out of the way using your Vortex Rings

Outside of the cave are two wooden grilles that Mars must ram to progress. After ramming the last grille, swim through the small hole into an open area that has a whale tail structure in the center

Turtle Mission

In the center of the whale tail area a giant turtle blocks your entrance into a deep cavern. Approach it and it will ask you to rescue its children who are stuck in plastic. To do this, locate each of its 5 children and use Vortex Rings to rescue them

The turtle’s children are located in the whale tail bay and adjoining coves. You don’t need to swim back into The Nest to find any of them

Turtle 1 – The easiest turtle to find is right by the mother turtle. It’s so close that it could be mistaken for already being rescued, so just make sure you’ve actually freed it from the plastic.

Turtle 2 – Another turtle is hidden in a small cove not too far from the mother turtle, just in front of a few jellyfish.

Turtle 3 – Another turtle is off by itself somewhat near to a set of rock formations that you can swim under.

Turtle 4 - Another turtle is hiding under the rock formations. Just use your echolocation and you’ll spot it.

Turtle 5 – In one of the corners of the area where you’re looking for the turtles is an opening passageway with a tiny elevated area that you can swim into. The last turtle is waiting for you there.

Once you have rescued all 5 children, swim back to the mother turtle and follow it into the cave

Main Cave

Swim down towards the jellyfish which block the narrow tunnel leading out of the main cavern. The exit is located behind a rocky, coral covered outcropping and is illuminated with a blue light

If you try to swim to the bottom of the cavern, you will be stopped by a tier barrier. You cannot explore this area until you return with the Aqualung powerup

Use your Vortex Rings to push the jellyfish and swim through the narrow tunnel without them touching you

Continue through the tunnel as it curves upwards. Be careful not to touch the sea urchin spikes

Send Mars to ram the grille at the end of the tunnel and continue out of the tunnel, into the shipwreck area

AHD Tutorial

At the side of the shipwreck is a metal grille that requires a powerup for Mars to be able to break it, so you will need to return to this part later.

Instead, swim past the shipwreck into the passage behind the dead coral. You will see a brief story prompt that introduces AHDs (Acoustic Harassment Devices) which emit sonar waves that disrupt sea life

Swim behind the rock directly in front of you during the gap between AHD waves (look for the turtles swimming for where it’s safe)

  • If you are hit by a sonar wave, you will be knocked out and return to the last checkpoint

  • Hiding behind an object protects you from the AHD waves

  • Listening to the rhythm of the waves helps you to get the timing right

A generator sits beneath the final rock. Send Mars to ram this to disable the AHD and restore life to the surrounding coral

Swim away from the AHD through the passage and into the next area. Note that you pass through a current, which prevents you from returning to the AHD area

You can return to explore the earlier parts of the level once you obtain the Tail Kick powerup which allows you to traverse currents

Manta Ray Mission

Swim towards the archway just beyond the AHD area. At the other side, a manta ray circles slowly. Use your Vortex Rings on the manta to free it from the oil that covers it. The manta thanks you and asks you to rescue the other mantas nearby who can help you progress

Locate and rescue all 4 of the mantas. They can be found by exploring the nearby area. Upon being rescued, each manta swims towards a giant wall with a generator

Manta Ray 1 – The first manta ray is immediately on your path following the first AHD encounter in the level. It’s in a wide open area with pillar rock structures that you can swim under.

Manta Ray 2 – Another manta ray is hidden by the large wall, on the far side of where it wraps around and meets the rocks.

Manta 3 – Another manta ray is found via a path off to the side from the main open area with the rock pillar structures that you can swim under. From that area, just look for a path to the side (not from where you originally came from where the AHD is and not the path that leads you through the spikey urchins). Just a little ways down the path is a small cave that has the manta in it.

Manta 4 – Near to the large wall generator (if you turn around and face away from the wall/generator) is a path you can take with urchin spikes. Navigate through the spikes and you’ll find the manta.

Once you have rescued all of the mantas and they are swimming around the generator, use your Vortex Rings on the mantas to jump-start the generator and open a gate in the wall

Swim through the newly opened gate into the AHD area

Sunpool Launch Station

Upon entering the AHD area, hide behind the first rock and listen carefully to the AHD rhythm, swimming between hiding places during the longest gaps between waves

When you reach the crashed space shuttle, swim above to be safe from the second AHD below

As you approach the third AHD, you are prompted to send Mars to Ram the generator which powers it. Follow the instructions and then swim into the hexagonal entrance to the Launch Station

Shut down the Launch Station using your Vortex Rings. You need to hold Square until the bar on the prompt is filled up and aim the charged-up Vortex Ring at the computer below the large glowing orb

Swim out the other side of the Launch Station and continue along the path until you are swept away in a giant vortex and carried toward Clocktower


Tower Bridge Section

Upon entering Clocktower, the path to the left of the entrance is blocked by a current, so follow the path to the right, continuing along until you reach the large bridge

There is a puffer fish at the large bridge. Rescuing the puffer fish is optional (but necessary for 100% completion)

There are 4 puffer fish in total nearby the bridge and the stadium

After passing the large bridge, follow the right wall until you see 4 wooden grates. Ram these and follow the path into the stadium

There is an optional path to the left of the stadium entrance that leads into a subway where two of the puffers and a treasure are found

Calf Chase

Enter the stadium and watch the sequence where the mother whale asks you to rescue her calf

Swim out of the stadium through the exit on the far side and follow the calf which swims away whenever you try to approach it

The calf swims into a section of houses. Swim through a pipe to enter the area and get past a current. Once you reach the part where the calf swims through a current that you can’t, take the path to the left of the current and ram the wooden grille to proceed through the street area, exploring until you reach the calf again

Continue to chase the calf through a wide expanse with houses below. It will swim through a pile of debris, causing it to further collapse. Swim towards the debris and use Echolocation. Have Mars ram the girders that are highlighted orange and proceed through the gap this creates

Follow the calf into and through the power plant. When you reach the exit, an orca will corner the calf, chasing it to a hiding spot beneath the London Eye

London Eye Puzzle

The objective is now to free the calf, who is stuck beneath the London Eye, with the orca circling above. There is a generator connected to the London Eye and an electric eel swimming beneath a bridge nearby. A current flows above the bridge towards the generator

Use echolocation to highlight the pillar below the generator. Then have Mars ram the pillar. This will carry the eel toward the generator

When the eel reaches the generator, use your Vortex Rings on the eel to have it jumpstart the generator. Watch the sequence that follows

Once the sequence has ended, swim over the fallen London Eye and past Big Ben towards the mother whale, which thanks you for saving its calf

Westminster AHDs

Swim past the mother whale and turn left, passing by Westminster Abbey

There is an ice area to the right. You cannot traverse the ice barrier at this stage, but you will be able to return to explore that area later with the Blubber powerup

The first AHD in the corner is optional (look for the gap in the rocks to find the generator). The second AHD must be disabled in order to progress. Approach the second AHD, staying behind the rocks for safety. Ram the generator to power it down

After traversing the second AHD, head down the path and enter Waterloo Station, swimming below the large net

Waterloo Station

Explore the platform area and find a large hole in the side of the building on the right. Swim through the hole into the rail yard

At the end of the platform area, the rail tunnel descends into tier 2. You cannot explore this section unless you return later with Aqualung

Upon exploring the rail yard, you will find that progress into the Launch Station ahead is blocked by a current

Enter the rail yard building (the one with multiple train lines leading into it), through the entrance near the start of the area (the one with no gate, furthest from the current)

Follow the path through the rail yard building and turn right to find a hollowed out train carriage. Swim through the train carriage and turn to the left, swimming towards the glowing red orb

The glowing red orb is Tail Kick. Swim into it to collect it. You can now traverse currents

Note, there is a treasure just behind and to the right of the area where you find Tail Kick. It’s worth getting it while you’re there if you are trying to collect all the treasures

Swim back out of the rail yard building and head toward the area with the AHDs

Clocktower Launch Station

Approach the Launch Station by traversing the AHD area, hiding behind rocks and leaving cover only in the gaps between waves

These AHDs have more difficult timing, so it is important to listen to the rhythm of the waves

Weave around the rocks to find the generator that you can shut down

Enter the Launch Station and shut down the central computer

Swim out of the Launch Station, following the path to continue on

Elder Travel

After continuing on from the Launch Station you will notice there is now an Elder Whale in the bay. In gratitude for saving the calf, the Elder Whales will allow you to travel between biomes by creating vortexes with their tails

Swim towards the whale to initiate travel. Highlight Plastic Beach to progress the story or revisit Sunpool if you prefer

Now that you have Tail Kick, you can return to Sunpool and discover the Puffer area, however you can’t complete the puffer mission without the Conch powerup



Watch the dolphins enter Plastic Beach to the tune of Ravel’s Bolero

When the sequence finishes, swim through the narrow hole, into the large bay

Conch Mission

The Plastic Beach bay area contains 5 conches trapped in crab traps (cages). There is a giant conch at the far side of the bay. It is trapped beneath a pile of rubbish, but it will not let you try to rescue it until you have rescued the other conches nearby

Locate and rescue all the conches. Save each one by sending Mars to ram the cage. Then return to the giant conch

Conch 1 – One of the conches is hidden near the drone. Look for the dump trucks and there’s a trap in the back of one with the conch.

Conch 2 – Look for the large side path that splits off from your main path and you’ll find a conch (the side path is relatively near to the highly visible antenna looking structure that sits in the middle of the area).

Conch 3 – One of the easier conches to find is right by the antenna looking structure.

Conch 4 – Another conch is found in a small path directly near to where the antenna looking structure sits in the middle of the area.

Conch 5 – Another conch is found by swimming through the spikey sea urchins that are found near the antenna looking structure in the middle of the area.

As you approach the giant conch, a sequence begins where Mars tries to rescue it from the rubbish pile but accidentally causes and avalanche. Mars and the conch are both lost in the avalanche, leaving Jupiter to search for them by herself

City Traversal

Once you regain control of Jupiter, swim into the nearby city area. You no longer have Mars, so you cannot ram objects

Follow the winding path through the city area, traversing the AHDs by staying behind cover.

You can return with Mars later to disable the AHDs, but the first time through, you need to just evade them

Along the way in the section, look for small ledges that you can hide behind to continue making your way forward

Between the second and thirds AHD, the Aqualung powerup can be seen below a metal grille. Jupiter cannot reach it from here without Mars. Traverse the third AHD and then swim around to the right

After traversing the fifth AHD, follow the path to the right and stay near ground level. Swim through the opening in the building and into the area below the grille to collect Aqualung

After collecting Aqualung, take the tunnel beneath, watching out for starfish. This leads to an open area bordered by buildings. Continue swimming forward and into the sewer entrance

Sewer Traversal

You will need to use echolocation to find your way through the Sewers. Follow the sewers down into the main tank and turn left into first tunnel. There is an AHD Drone in this tunnel. It will emit an AHD wave if you get too close. Follow the drone up the sewer tunnel and hide behind the grille on the left. When it returns, sneak around to the left and follow the path to the end.

There are rammable objects at the end of the path which you cannot break through without Mars. Turn around and follow the alternate narrow path through the rocks.

After a while, you will reach another dead end, blocked by rammable objects. Turn around and find the hole in the floor. Follow the path to reach the other side of the main tank

Leave the main tank again through the open sewer tunnel. Evade the AHD Drone by taking the left side of the fence while the Drone is on the right. After evading the AHD Drone, turn left and exit the Sewers into the natural cavern area

The natural cavern area has a pod of ethereal dolphins circling a bell. You can set them free by having Mars ram the bell if you return with him later

Leave the natural cavern and follow the path through to the AHD section

Plastic Beach Launch Station

As soon as you enter the AHD area from the narrow tunnel, find the safe path above and to the right.

Listen to the AHD pulses and swim along the walls during the gaps in the waves to reach the area with the satellite dish

Follow the path down to the right, enter the Launch Station and use Vortex Rings to shut it down

Reunion and Conch Death

Swim out of the Launch Station and continue along until the sequence plays where Jupiter and Mars reunite

Watch the reunion sequence and then continue swimming onward toward the giant conch

Watch the conch death sequence where the dying conch bestows the Conch powerup on Mars. Mars can now ram harder objects

Return to Elder

Swim past the dead conch and explore the corner to the left ahead. A large rock blocks a tunnel. Have Mars ram it and follow the tunnel back to the opening Bolero section

Swim back through the cavernous section toward the Elder whale and travel to the Realm of Poseidon



Upon entering Realm of Poseidon, the Elder tells you to find an ancient creature deep inside the caverns who can help you. But first you must locate the tanker which blocks the entrance

Take the path to the upper right and swim past the crab

Santorini Area

Swim through the deep gorge and into the Santorini Bay. At the far end of the bay is an AHD puzzle. Traverse the AHDs and swim through the gorge at the far side into the tanker area

Tanker Area

Swim toward the tanker and watch the whale clear a path for you by knocking the tanker into the bay

Enter the newly opened area and swim to the end to find a large cave opening

Main Cave Descent

Enter the cave and follow it down until you reach an AHD. The generator is found behind some rammable rocks to the right. Disable the AHD and continue deeper into the caves

The second AHD is connected to a generator that is hidden nearby below the chamber entrance. Disable the AHD and continue deeper

When you come across an AHD drone, take the tunnel to the left. As you swim down this tunnel, you will come across two metal grilles. Ram them and enter the small tunnel

At the end of the small tunnel, you will find an AHD generator. Disable the AHD and swim out into the large cavern

Large Cavern

To disable the AHD in the large cavern, follow the cable into the small chamber with the generator and ram it

You then need to disable the AHD fence by ramming the generator beside the disabled AHD

Swim through the disabled fence and disable the AHD ahead by ramming the generator

Poseidon Launch Station

Three AHDs guard the Launch Station area. Hide behind the first barrier and follow the trench around to the left, through the tunnel to the second AHD

Continue to the left, hiding behind barriers until you reach the generator and disable the second AHD

Approach the first AHD again, this time from the direction of the second. Hide behind the barrier near the generator and ram it to power down the first AHD

Swim through the cave and ram the generator to power down the third AHD

Swim into the Launch Station and power down the central computer

Ruins Area and Kraken Trial

Exit the Launch Station and follow the tunnel through to a large open chamber with ancient ruins

Follow the path across the chamber into the ruins and explore until you find the Kraken

The Kraken battle requires you to ram three target points on each tentacle to cause it to retract. If a tentacle stays out for too long it will eventually hit you and you will have to restart the battle

It’s easiest to use echolocation to highlight three ram targets on a single tentacle and then send Mars to quickly ram all three before moving onto the next tentacle

After ramming the targets on the tentacles, occasionally you’ll need to echolocate and ram the Kraken’s eye

Upon defeating the Kraken, you receive Submariner, which lets you explore the deepest waters (tier 3)

Head back out of the ruins area and take the tier 3 exit (the exit that’s low to the ocean floor that required the Submariner power-up to reach), following the tunnel back to the main bay

Return to Elder

Upon leaving the tunnel that joins the Kraken’s lair with the main bay, you will encounter an area with AHDs

Only the Tier 2 AHD puzzle (the upper one) is necessary to complete. The Tier 3 AHD puzzle (the lower one) leads you into optional areas of the bay where you can find more treasures and rescue crabs

Disabling the Tier 2 AHD also disables the AHD fence behind it. Swim through the fence and return to the Elder by traveling left up the deep gorge towards the shallow area

Upon returning to the Elder, travel to A.T.L.A.N.T.I.S.



Upon entering A.T.L.A.N.T.I.S. the Elder tells you to travel deep into the Earthwalkers’ city to find the source of the disturbance. Head forward, through the rings and into the Statue of Liberty area

Statue of Liberty Area

Upon entering the bay with the Statue of Liberty, you will see a forcefield fence on the far side. Your aim is to shut down this forcefield to access the Manhattan street area. Find the path under the Statue of Liberty

Traverse the tunnels, evading the AHDs and Drones, eventually reaching a generator

Ram the generator to disable the forcefield fence and then swim into the Manhattan street area


The street area contains a number of optional AHDs that hide treasures and affect the surrounding coral. Examine the buildings near ground level until you find one containing a powerup. This powerup is Blubber

To reach Blubber, find the path at the back of the buildings, where the drones are patrolling and make your way through the building, whilst evading the drones

You will come across a room from which you can see a generator. Ram the generator and explore the area above the AHD to find a path to reach Blubber

Once you have obtained Blubber, swim beyond the street section, through the ice cave

Ice Area

Swim through the ice cave and then through the AHDs, ramming the generator to power them down. This allows access to the New York Bay

New York Bay

Follow the Brooklyn Bridge across the bay and into the cargo bay of the A.T.L.A.N.T.I.S. Launch Station. Watch the sequence where the Launch Station awakens

There are 4 optional mantas to rescue in the New York Bay area.

A.T.L.A.N.T.I.S. Launch Station Tier 1

Swim through the cargo bay and enter the large corridor with the drones

Hide behind the crates and take the first path to the right, when it is clear

At the end of this path, ram the grate on the left and swim through the duct to bypass the drones

The path descends into a lower section. Ram the first door on the left and then follow the path along, turning left at the intersection where the path ascends again

At the end of the path, on the right is a duct with some jellyfish. Swim through the duct, using Vortex Ring to knock the jellyfish out of the way

Continue on taking the first left and follow the corridor that descends to tier 2

A.T.L.A.N.T.I.S. Launch Station Tier 2

At the bottom of the ramp down to tier 2, you will find a chamber full of starfish, with a drone circling. When it is clear, swim straight through to the exit directly opposite

In the next room, there is an AHD with a generator behind a window nearby. Sneak into the generator room through a duct, hidden behind a rammable crate and disable the generator

Swim past the AHD and to the right, descending into a lower section

The next room contains multiple drones. The section behind the window contains an optional treasure. The exit is at the far left of the room. You only need to traverse the first set of drones to reach it. Use the duct on the right as a hiding place before attempting to reach the exit at the far left

Explore the corridors until you find a duct behind some jellyfish, and follow it down into a deeper section

You will swim through a glass corridor and come upon another AHD. Hide behind the first barrier and swim into the small tube to the left when it is safe to do so. From here, swim behind the next barrier and disable the AHD

Swim on to find an area with two drones, an upper and a lower one. Follow the upper drone at a safe distance and sneak behind the lower one before the upper one turns around. Continue on to a room with three drones and a generator

Hide between the crate stacks and make your way to the generator and the far side of the room. Ram the generator to power down a forcefield and then swim through to the next section, turning right toward the next AHD

From the first hiding place, swim to the left, hiding behind a second and then into a tube. From the tube, you need to swim underneath the AHD, wait until it’s safe and then reach the tube at the far side. From there, ram the generator to disable the AHD and exit that chamber, descending into tier 3

A.T.L.A.N.T.I.S. Launch Station Tier 3

The tier 3 AHD requires you to shut down multiple forcefields in order to reach the generator that powers the AHD itself. First, hide behind the crates and take the corridor to the left, ramming the first generator you see. This disables a forcefield to the left

Enter through the disabled forcefield and follow the path to another generator. Disable that generator and swim straight ahead, hiding behind the first crate stack

You can now swim straight ahead into the area with the jellyfish. Ram the generator beyond the jellyfish and then swim back to the crates

This time, take the path to the right, all the way around to the back of the AHD, hiding behind the second crate stack and ram the generator in the small room with the dead coral to power down the AHD and the final forcefield

Swim through the most recently disabled AHD fence and ram the grille in front of the duct, swimming through the duct and into another large corridor

Follow the corridor to the right, through a circular door into the control room and follow the button prompt to locate the central computer

Shut down the Launch Station using Vortex Rings and watch the ensuing sequences. Congratulations, you have completed Jupiter & Mars!

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