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Video Games Envisioning a Futuristic Ocean Destroyed by Climate Change

Jupiter & Mars Screenshot Statue of Liberty

The folks at Uppercut recently posted an article about how a new generation of video games are being used to show the effects of climate change, including some comments from Tigertron's Creative Director James Mielke about Jupiter & Mars. James discussed how climate change and ocean sea levels rising made for a powerful backdrop in the game and were a big part of the story we tell.

“In our game climate change has happened, so in Jupiter & Mars we’re basically dealing with the after-effects of it,” said Mielke. “The way players interact with the consequences of climate change is in the environment itself, navigating your way through sunken, hollowed out, haunted cities like London, New York, Mykonos and the other island settings is often dark.”

“We figured that this would be the most striking way to get people’s attention regarding the potential calamity we’re facing,” he said. “If anything, with the rising acidification levels and plastic garbage polluting the oceans I’d say the deterioration is happening right now.”

You can read the full article here.

Jupiter & Mars is currently on sale on the PlayStation store and is playable both standard PS4 or in immersive VR on PSVR.

Jupiter & Mars Boxart Boxshot

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